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  1. Antistatic Carbon Comb 06900
    Out of Stock
    Antistatic Carbon Comb 06900

    Exceptional Antistatic Carbon Professional Hairdressing Comb

  2. Antistatic Carbon Comb 8917
    Exceptional AntiStatic Carbon Professional hairdressing Comb
  3. Toppik 12g
    As low as $45.00

    Toppik Hair Fibers are Natural Organic Protein Fibres that blend undetectably with your natural hair .

    Its one of those products that Really is Amazing, as used by over 4 million people worldwide.

    The new bigger 12g container will generally last around a month or more depending on coverage and usage.

    Available in 6 great shades and 9 shades in 27.5gr containers

    News Flash!! NOW with an extra 17% Free

  4. Toppik 27.5g
    As low as $78.50
    This size is almost 30% more economical than the 12g for those who use or intend to use Toppik regularly. Also available in 9 great shades, this product can last 3-4 months depending on usage and coverage needed. News Flash!! NOW with an extra 10% Free in the latest containers Buy 2 and save on Cost and less freighting. See 2x27.5gr Special on product page for this deal.
  5. Toppik Hair Fibers 2 x 27.5g (Special Price Limited time)
    As low as $148.50
    Toppik Hair Fibers are organic protein fibers that blend undetectably with your natural hair . 2x27.5g Order now - Take advantage of this limited time special!!
  6. Toppik Fiberhold Spray
    Toppik Fiberhold Spray
    Special Price $19.95 Regular Price $21.95
    "Recommended Purchase for Top Performance with Hair Fibers" Specifically formulated to strengthen the bond between Toppik fibers and thinning hair. Toppik Fiberhold Spray gives you even greater resistance to wind, rain and perspiration.
  7. Toppik Spray Applicator
    Toppik Spray Applicator
    Special Price $34.95 Regular Price $40.00
    This precision instrument allows you to spray Toppik on, rather than just shaking as before. By using this,you will get a more natural look...the fibers will disperse more evenly and be directed more precisely. Fits 12g / 27.5g Toppik Hair Fiber containers
  8. Hairline Optimizers
    Hairline Optimizers
    Special Price $5.50 Regular Price $6.00
    The Toppik Hairline Optimizer features a patented design that gives you the most natural looking results at the critical front hairline. The irregular pattern simulates random hair growth while eliminating any straight lines. You’ll see a softer, more blended look from the very first time you use it. 1 Pce per Packet
  9. Brow Building Set
    As low as $20.00

    Light Brown only Available.

    Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set makes even the thinnest eyebrows instantly thick, full and natural-looking. This 3-piece kit includes a brow wax to shape eyebrows, Brow Building Fibers and a custom dual-end brush for wax and fibers application 


List Grid

9 Items

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