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Heres some Customer opinions on Toppik Hair Fibers*

I am downright ectatic that the Toppik Hair Building System does exactly what you said. It was easy to use,the results were instantaneous,and spectacular,20+years of gradual thinnning were reversed before my eyes.Great stuff!Even my wife is impressed - and shes hard to please.

-- John Russett, Rotorua

I have used Toppik for about 2 years now, It has helped me so much with my appearence and getting my confidence back!!  I often see people with hairloss and think if only they had Toppik

--  Mike, Auckland

Toppik has made me feel different about myself after just one application. I’m so glad I have this brilliant product to transform my life. Up until recently I have been considering hairloss transplant surgery, but at a cost of $8-10k I just can't afford it. This I can afford, and it gives me the confidence to once again go out on the town with my girlfriends!

 -- Christine Hawley, Remuera

I recommend Toppik to my (hair transplant surgery) patients. I find this product safe, easy to use and remarkably natural. I recommend it to hair loss patients in conjunction with both surgical and medical treatments.

 -- Don Stough, Kapiti Coast

I ordered the Toppik System fully expecting it to be another joke product for the vulnerable, balding male. I was amazed at the difference and the simplicity of it all. I would have to say that I will definitely be ordering another bottle. It may not make my hair grow back but it at least makes it look like it did 20 years ago!

-- PaulWhitten, Ilam, Christchurch

I have a strain of Lupus that caused me to lose an awful lot of my hair. Your products made me look like the same woman I was 10 years ago. I am a new woman with much more confidence thanks to you. I have now found a hair loss treatment program that works for me.

  -- Susan Louisville , Tauranga

It was if i had a 1000 Hair Transplants in 30seconds - So Fast and Easy

-- Peter Wardley , Auckland

 I can have a Professional look that im Confidence with.

-- Bradley , Wellington

Reply from Wildriff(who has posted over 500 times on a Hair Forum) 

Whats better than Toppik?

Sorry, in terms of coverage, the only thing better than Toppik is a hair transplant.

That said, if you're not getting results, you are either: a) Too bald with no vellus hairs, in which case there is nothing you can do or

b) What is more likely, you're not using it right.

For tips on how to maximize your Toppik effectiveness; I am pasting this from a previous thread.

  I've used other products, but Toppik is still the best for me.

 The rules of thumb are simple: - don't use too much. Less truly is more. - if you're covering the hairline, leave the hairline itself practically intact and go *behind* it - make sure you clean off excess Toppik from your forehead and the frontal hairline. Even when it seems you don't have to, there's probably some Toppik there (I always use a damp kleenex and pass it over my forehead because Toppik sticks to it immediately, and even pass it a bit on the actual hairline to create a more natural well as on any areas where I may have overdone it) - experiment with it first and try different colors (I used to think black would suit me but it's so completely...well, pitch, raven black that dark brown was so much better) - use the accesories to your advantage.

I'm a huge fan of the little spray applicator they sell; it's essential to me. It gives you total control over where you want the Toppik to go, so you don't end up with random fibers everywhere, in places you don't want. Makes all the difference in the world. Now, some people do complain that it shoots out too much.... this can be true sometimes, especially after the first couple of pumps (which tend to be milder), but if that's the case, you can always redistribute with your fingernails or eliminate some fibers w/ a damp Kleenex.

Either way, the spray pump is well worth the money. Besides, you waste less product. - In some cases, creating static with your brush/comb can help distribute the fibers the way you want. Oh, and water is not a problem - not rain, not sweat, not even a splash of direct water thrown on your head. I imagine that if you put a crapload of Toppik on your head like a bozo, then it may be possible for it to slide down with heavy rain, but with normal amounts you are completely safe. You're only in trouble if you dunk your entire head in a pool. And no, if you applied it correctly and with moderation, a girl will not be able to tell (obviously, this depends on how badly you're balding.... if you're a NW 6 and put a bunch of Toppik up there, people will be able to tell.... you still need some coverage). But with proper application and some natural coverage from your hair, even people who know you have Toppik can't make it out.

I was extremely sceptical when purchasing this product as i have tried every product on the market.I am sooooo happy with this is amazing and i feel sooo much more confident than i did before and can't stop looking in the mirror.thankyou so much for the super quick delivery and the fantasic product i will definetely be purchasing it even went through to Zumba classes and a aqua aerobics class and stayed perfect!!!


Thinning Hair runs in my family,despite making an effort to not let it bother me,

In my mind it has overshadowed every other thought i might have about my appearence.

Just received my Toppik Hair Fibers on the overnight courier, tried it and the instant gratification was huge.

Toppik has instantly won a place in my routine.

I feel like i have just let go of the years of worrying and insecurity that were ahead of me.


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* Opinions and results may vary. Plse note hair fibers do not grow hair.