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Toppik is used by top National Enquirer Reporter...


According to the National Enquirer, Matt Lauer has been able to hide his bald spot with the help of Toppik, the perfect hair loss prevention tool. No more hats for Matt. 

Toppik is a great solution for those looking for hair loss treatments and effective ways to cover their thinning areas. Here you have a celebrity who is on US TV every morning and who has to endure "close-ups". The only thing anyone could tell about Matt is that his bald spot was gone. That was it. Many people didn't even notice the bald spot was gone, they just thought he looked better. MORE..

This is but one of many examples of how Toppik REALLY WORKS and Looks Real ... even on Television!


Scientific journal article supports Toppik use...




        Published in the Hair Transplant Form International Journal Dr Ziering fully advocates the use of Toppik for hair transplant patients, suggesting that it enhances patient experience.

         Toppik does appear to be an effective option for patients who are undergoing hair transplant therapy - as it can take many months until the transplanted hair starts to grow. And who really wants to be left with a series of crusts or pock marks where the hairs have been transplanted?