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What is Toppik made of?

Toppik fibers are made of pure organic keratin protein, just like natural hair. They are charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy in order to form the maximum magnetic attraction to your thinnest hair. There are no harmful chemicals or additives.

Does Toppik affect hair growth?

No, Toppik fibers can neither help nor interfere with normal hair growth in any way.

How do I use Toppik and Minoxidal at the same time?

Apply Minoxidil (or any topical treatment) first and then apply Toppik. At night just apply Minoxidil. While wearing Toppik - a little may come off on your hand from the alcohol contained in the Minoxidil solution.

What if I get Toppik fibers on my clothes or pillow?

The fibers are 100% colorfast and cannot possibly run or stain. If fibers do get on any surface, immediately just dust them right off with your hand and they will disappear.

What colours are available?

Toppik is available in 9 different shades - black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, light blonde, med blonde, grey and white.

I have salt and pepper hair. How should I use Toppik for the best results?

Use white Toppik fibers in combination with either Black, Dark Brown or Medium Brown. Apply the White fibers first and then pepper in the darker color. It will blend perfectly.

If Platinum Blonde hair try using light blonde and white fibers.

For Strawberry Blonde hair try using Auburn and Medium Blonde fibers. So generally, for a lighter shade, mix white with any shade of fibers.

How long will one bottle of Toppik last?

This depends on which size you purchase and how much you use at a time and how frequently it is applied. As a general guide, 12g bottles should last about 30 days, 27.5g bottle 2-3 months.

What is this Couvre Scalp Concealing lotion product and things i need to know. (Discontinued - there is a brand called ECOBELL) 

Very similar to Couvre,Ecobell is also waterproof and some customers will use it in combination with Toppik Hair Fibers.

GST is included on all product prices. 

I have paid by credit card. How will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged in New Zealand Dollars, under the name of Toppik Haircare.

I do not wish to pay via credit card. Are there other methods of payment?

Yes! We will gladly accept other forms of payment including cheque or bank deposits. 

How is my order shipped?

Place your order by 3pm for same day dispatch in overnight courier bag to most regions of NZ.

If you are not at the address during business hours then a calling card will be left for you to pick up from the courier depot or a re-delivery can be requested from them.

Courier companies can leave in letterbox etc, just add special instructions in delivery address details when processing order but no responsibility for loss or damage.

Most deliveries will be supplied by CourierPost / Post Haste. 

Tracking info will be emailed when your order is packed.

*Please note deliveries can sometimes take a day longer depending on the time the order is placed and the delivery area. 

Please order from for Australian delivery and for American orders contact

We continue to operate throughout the Christmas period, deliveries are reliant on Courier delivery days.

What is your refund policy*?

If you receive your goods and they are damaged or faulty then we will replace them free of charge.

If you wish to return the product because you have chosen the wrong colour then just return it and we will supply another colour for you.

If you don't think Toppik Hair Fibers are effective as we have said they are, just return the product within 7days of delivery for a 100% refund of product less freight.

Payment Processing

Transactions are processed via an industry standard secure connection. This means that you can be assured that your sensitive data will remain confidential.


Terms shall be governed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand 

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